"To them, Sephira is just a house constructed of cake and confectionery, which they can easily. And employees are chocolate chips on this house to them."
-- Encyclopedia

WAW Abnormalities are dangerous Abnormalities while in a bad mood. They can easily cause mayhem across the facility and once their abilities trigger, it is hard to put them in their place. All of them have a way to breach containment, summon minions or possess employees. If neglected, their power will WAW you.

WAW Abnormality List:

Name Subject Number Attack Type E-Boxes Qliphoth Counter
Alriune Encyclopedia
T-04-53(-W) WHITE

(4 - 6)

22 1
Big and Might be Bad Wolf
F-02-58(-W) RED

(4 - 8)

22 2
Big Bird
O-02-40(-W) BLACK

(2 - 6)

20 5
Bird of Judgement
O-02-62(-W) PALE

(5 - 7)

24 2
Dimensional Refraction Variant
O-03-88(-W) WHITE

(4 - 7)

22 2
Dream of a Black Swan
T-02-70(-W) WHITE

(5 - 6)

24 5
Express Train to Hell
T-09-86(-W) X X X
Flesh Idol
T-09-79(-W) X X X
Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary
F-01-57(-W) RED

(4 - 6)

20 3
Queen Bee
T-04-50(-W) RED

(4 - 6)

22 1
Snow White's Apple
F-04-42(-W) BLACK

(2 - 4)

22 1
The Burrowing Heaven
O-04-72(-W) BLACK

(4 - 5)

24 X
The Dreaming Current
T-02-71(-W) WHITE

(3 - 6)

20 2
The King of Greed Portrait
The King of Greed
O-01-64(-W) RED

(5 - 7)

22 1
The Knight of Despair
O-01-73(-W) WHITE

(4 - 6)

24 X
The Little Prince
O-04-66(-W) BLACK

(3 - 4)

24 2
The Naked Nest
O-02-74(-W) RED

(5 - 7)

22 X
Name Subject Number Attack Type E-Boxes Qliphoth Counter

Name Subject Number Attack Type Work Success Rate Mood Decrease Basic Mood Rating
Poor Screenwriter's Note Encyclopedia
Poor Screenwriter's Note
O-05-31-W WHITE +10% -15% 40%
The Queen of Hatred
O-01-04-W RED +30% -40% 80%
Name Subject Number Attack Type Work Success Rate Mood Decrease Basic Mood Rating

There are 4 Abnormalities of this category which can't escape. Queen Bee, The Naked Nest and The Little Prince which instead of escaping, they will infect employees when their mood became bad. Poor Screenwriter's Note never leaves its room but can possess employees who gets in their room.

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