"If they are upset, they will injure the employees, ranging from a mere scratch to a severe wound. It will be fine as long as they are in a good mood."

-- Encyclopedia

TETH Abnormalities are much more dangerous than ZAYIN Abnormalities. In this category and onward, the Abnormalities will start to deal damage in the works and to the agents if they fail. Some of them will trigger their abilities occasionally when they are in a bad mood for too long, while others will only trigger their abilities when the player makes a mistake. 

Name Subject Number Attack Type Work Success Rate Mood Decrease Basic Mood Rating
Abandoned Murderer Encyclopedia
Abandoned Murderer
T-01-54-T RED TETH +20% -30%
Beauty and the Beast Portrait
Beauty and the Beast
F-02-44-T RED +40% -30% 35%
Bloodbath Portrait
T-05-51-T RED +30% -40% 65%
Crumbling Armor
O-05-61-T WHITE +30% -40% 55%
Fragment of the Universe
O-03-60-T WHITE +30% -40% 55%
Old Lady Portrait
Old Lady
O-01-12-T WHITE +20% -30% 45%
Punishing Bird
Punishing Bird
O-02-56-T RED/WHITE +10% -30% 46%
Scorched Girl
F-01-02-T RED +20% -30% 60%
Spider Bud
T-02-43-T RED +30% -40% 65%
Woman Facing the Wall
F-01-18-T WHITE +30% -40% 65%
Name Subject Number Attack Type Work Success Rate Mood Decrease Basic Mood Rating

Only 4 Abnormalities, at the moment, of this category are able to escape: Scorched Girlafter triggering her ability twice in the same day; Abandoned Murderer, by staying in a bad mood for a long amount of time; Fragment of the Universe, when its mood is depleted; and Punishing Bird, by staying without ordering a work for it for a long amount time or when one of employees panics.

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