Notice About the Article "Sephirah":
"Sephirah" is using information from a "Beta", less official version of the game. The information will likely be subject to change as time goes on, and the information may be incorrect as it is first collected and put on the wiki.

"Think of me as a cerebrum, and them as cerebellum."
- Angela

Sephirah are new AI created to handle and manage each of the departments of the facility, with the exception of Angela, who manages each of the AI and the entire facility. Each of the AI have unique designs, quirks and personality. Each of the Sephira's colors correspond to the department that they manage, such as Gebura's main colors being black and red, and Yesod's being a mix of various purples.

Sephirah Area of Management Personality
Angela Portrait
The Entire Facility Calm and collected, with a hint of arrogance.
Malkuth Portrait
Control Team Happy-go-Lucky and clumsy, can be embarrassed.
Yesod Portrait
Information Team Strict and uncaring.
Netzach Portrait
Safety Team Tired and lazy, sometimes acts uninterested.
Hod Portrait
Education Team Cheery and helpful.
Tiphereth Portrait
Tiphereth (Male and Female)
Central Command Team The male one acts shy and quiet;

The female one acts collected and Up-Front;

Gebura Portrait
Disciplinary Team Rigorous and sometimes rude.
Chesed Portrait
Welfare Team Sleepy and mature, needs his coffee.

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