"This portrait captures the very essence of this moment. What do we have to lose?"
- Abnormality Log

Portrait of Another World (O-09-91) is a Risk He HE tool Abnormality in the form of a tall empty canvas, which is held by a black metallic ornamented support. It is dusty and start empty at the beginning of each day.

Information Edit

Ability: Edit

Portrait of Another World's ability is a single use, which makes the employee using it be marked and painted on the Abnormality. The status mark consist in a circular gray face of hollow eyes and mouth, with black substance dripping from them. These float above the marked employees, who will be also covered in smoke or dust.

The first marked employee, the one who is painted in the canvas, will not receive RedDamageTypeIconWhiteDamageTypeIconBlackDamageTypeIconPaleDamageTypeIcon damage from any source, instead, the damage is 'transferred' to another marked agent in the facility, who will receive the damage instead, with a little increase (However, this will not work if the marked employee who isn't in the canvas is inside Shelter from the 27th of March, with the damage just being applied to the original target). The defenses still act on the damage transferred. When the second marked employee dies, the mark will move to another agent, and so on. After employees keep dying by the transferred damage, the portrait of the agent on the canvas will change to one having a mask on and finally to one which looks like having different employees around a black tree. If there are no more agents to be marked, the first marked employee will die and the paint will disappear.

If the first marked employee dies by another source except by the portrait (other Insta-death effects), the portrait will go blank and could be used again. If another employee tries to use the portrait when there is already a marked employee, the employee painted in the picture will melt and die, and the employee using it will be painted and marked instead. If the same marked employees goes to interact with it, nothing will occur, but another work will be used, which can be use to get its Observation Level quicker.

Basic Information: Edit


Portrait of Another World's encyclopedia portrait

Portrait of Another World's basic information takes 2 use to unlock, the information gained is:

  • Name of the Abnormality
  • Subject Classification
  • Risk Level (Risk He HE)
  • Portrait
  • Type of Abnormality (Single use)

Origin Edit

Its origin is currently unknown.

Log and Method Edit

Interaction Amount
1 Use
"As time passes, we change. We may become disabled, lose our minds, be consumed by overwhelming violence or to disappear, to never be seen again."
"The first employee to see the Abnormality will be portraited on the canvas."
3 Uses
"The portrait captures the very essence of this moment. What do we have to lose? The employee who sees themselves in the portrait will crave for health. If life can always be like this, I will always have a bright smile just like in the portrait."
"All damage done to the employee will be taken by another employee in the facility. They will receive increased damage. Once damaged employee dies, another employee will [take] their spot."
5 Uses
"Employees will start feeling strange. The employee will not hurt by any damage or attacks. However, other employees will take all the afflicted pain instead.."
"When no more employees remain, the employee painted in the portrait will die."
7 Uses
"The painting will start becoming increasingly hideous and ugly. The employee eventually stops looking at the painting and enjoys all the unexpected luck."
"If a new employee is shown on the canvas, the previous employee will be killed."
10 Uses
"But miracles don't last forever. When all the employees that bore his pain and damage perished, it was the employee's turn to die. Once dead, the portrait turned to black."
"If the employee who is in the portrait is killed other than by the portrait, the portrait will return its original state."

Trivia Edit

  • Portrait of Another World is the first Abnormality to use a transference of damage ability.
  • Portrait of Another World could be a reference to the novel "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde.

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