"Be relaxed, do you not need the blessing?"
-Parasyte Tree's Entry

Parasyte Tree (D-04-108), also known as World Tree, appears as a green tree with a face embedded in the center of its trunk and has notably large leaves instead of branches. Its roots and bark envelop the majority of the base and the expression on the face seems calm or sleeping. Rustling leaves can be heard inside the containment chamber as it sways back and forth slowly.

Ability Edit

Parasyte tree will activate it's ability under the following circumstances:

  • When an employee finishes working on it.
  • When its QliphothCounterIcon Qliphoth Counter reaches 0.
  • When another Abnormality breaches.

Upon finishing any type of work with Parasyte Tree, Parasyte Tree will sprout grass and bushes in the containment chamber and the employee in the containment chamber will receive a blessing in the form of a crossed vine/leaf, increasing the employee's SPIcon SP over time and boosting their WorkSuccessIcon Success Rate.

When performing a Repression Repression Work order, the employee will be blessed when work finishes and Parasyte Tree's QliphothCounterIcon Qliphoth Counter will be reduced to 0, possessing an Agent or Clerk at random and pulling them to the containment chamber to receive the blessing as well. This possession can be cancelled by repeatedly clicking on the employee. The possession is indicated by a green cloud covering the employee's face, and they will be listed as "Out of Control" in the department's employee list.

When any employee is blessed, Parasyte Tree will grow a white luminescent bulb, adding 1 more for every employee blessed. Upon reaching 5 bulbs, Parasyte Tree will undergo a drastic change, turning black and having its bulbs change to skulls. All employees who were previously blessed will instantly panic and run around wildly, trying to get as far away as possible (not a normal panic reaction) and spread out over the facility.

Shortly thereafter, all employees in this state will halt their MovementSpeedIcon Movement Speed and begin turning into smaller versions of Parasyte Tree, named Saplings. Saplings are classified as Risk He HE rank Abnormalities/Minions, they have a medium amount of HPIcon HP and will attack the entire room with a toxic gas, dealing WhiteDamageTypeIcon White Damage to everyone currently inside the room. If any employee or clerk panics from this, they will exhibit the same behavior as the initial panic effect and shortly after running a distance, will turn into Saplings as well.

If any work is done on any Abnormality other than Parasyte Tree, except when Parasyte Tree is being work on; the containment chamber will grow dim at first, slowly growing more grass and bushes the more works are done on anything but Parasyte Tree. When this occurs 5 times, its QliphothCounterIcon Qliphoth Counter will drop to 0 and a random employee will be possessed. This state will revert to normal by performing any work on it before 5 works are completed on other abnormalities.

Agents or Clerks who have the blessing and subsequently die will remove one bulb from Parasyte tree, making Execution Bullets favorable to keep it from changing and any employee who has the blessing already will not cause another bulb to grow if they perform any kind of work on Parasyte Tree.

Origin Edit

Its origin is currently unknown.

Details Edit

Parasyte Tree responds to the four works in order of best to worst, varying with the next works: Attachment Attachment, Insight Insight, Instinct Instinct and Repression Repression

Like all Abnormalities, its energy output is determined by the number of EBoxIcon PE Boxes (Positive Enkephalin boxes) at the end of the interaction.

Parasyte Tree's emotional state is divided into 3 sections: BadResult Bad, NormalResult Normal, and GoodResult Good. Completing 0-7 E Boxes will cause it to feel BadResult Distressed, completing 8-14 will cause it to feel NormalResult Normal, and 15-24 will make it's mood result GoodResult Happy. Its usual waiting time after a task is around 9 seconds and its QliphothCounterIcon Qliphoth Counter is 1

Unlockable Information/Upgrades Edit

Basic Information (Cost: EBoxIcon 20 PE Boxes)

Unlocks and shows the name of the Abnormality, subject classification, Risk Level (Risk Waw WAW), portrait, Damage Type (WhiteDamageTypeIcon White 5 - 6), the amount of EBoxIcon E-Boxes (24), their emotional states and QliphothCounterIcon Qliphoth Counter (1)

Managerial Works 1/2/3/4/5/6/7 (Cost: EBoxIcon 5 PE Boxes)

  • Managerial Tips 1
    • "A bud sprouted from the upper part of Parasyte Tree, blessing the employee when the work is finished on it. The employee with the blessing enjoyed from the increased work efficiency and mental health."
  • Managerial Tips 2
    • "Qliphoth Counter decreased when reppression work is done."
  • Managerial Tips 3
    • "Qliphoth Counter decreased in low chance when the abnormality escapes."
  • Managerial Tips 4
    • "Qliphoth Counter decreased when a work is done 5 times on other abnormalities while Parasyte Tree was being neglected."
  • Managerial Tips 5
    • "When Qliphoth Counter reached 0, Parasyte Tree forced employees to its containment unit and blessed them"
  • Managerial Tips 6
    • "When 5 buds sprouted, Parasyte Tree turned dark and the employees who were blessed panicked. After a while, stems ripped through their skin and turned them into a sapling (D-04-108-1) which strikingly resembles the abnormality itself"
  • Managerial Tips 7
    • "D-04-108-1 secretes highly contagious and fatal poison. They need to be immediately removed to decontaminate the area"

Escape Information (Cost: EBoxIcon 20 PE Boxes)

Information if the Abnormality can escape or not, plus its QliphothCounterIcon Qliphoth Counter (1). While Parasyte Tree cannot escape the containment chamber, the minions it creates have the following defenses during encounters:

Sapling Risk He HE

RedDamageTypeIcon Red: Weak (1.2) - WhiteDamageTypeIcon White: Endured (0.6) - BlackDamageTypeIcon Black: Endured (0.8) - PaleDamageTypeIcon Pale: Endured (0.8)

Work Level 1 Chance Level 2 Chance Level 3 Chance Level 4 Chance Level 5 Chance
"Common" "Common" "Common" "Common" "Common"
"Common" "Common" "Common" "Common" "Common"
"Common" "Common" "Common" "Common" "Common"
"Low" "Low" "Low" "Low" "Low"

Observation Level Edit

Level 1 (1 Section unlocked): WorkSpeedIcon Speed Rate +4

Level 2 (2 Sections unlocked): WorkSuccessIcon Success Rate +2%

Level 3 (3 Sections unlocked): WorkSpeedIcon Speed Rate +4

Unlocks E.G.O. Gift 'Hypocrisy', that increases the HPIcon HP and SPIcon SP by 3. It takes the appearance of elf-like ears (Slot Head 2) and has a 2% of being equipped to the employee after finishing a work with the Abnormality.

Level 4 (All details unlocked): WorkSuccessIcon Success Rate +2%

Unlocks E.G.O. Armor and Weapon 'Hypocrisy'.

Story Edit


Parasyte Tree's encyclopedia portrait

  • "This Abnormality is made based on the idea of the Tumblbug backer 'llooll530
    A tree with plentiful of leaves.
    Those leaves with rich green color gives off comfortable vibe. The flowery scent carried by a gentle breeze was refreshing."
  • "The employees who are contacted with the abnormality testified that it provided them psychological comfort. This is proved by the employees’ increased efficiency in working and decrease in mental contamination."
  • "<An excerpt from an employee’s diary>

    I thought it was just my imagination. But the voice sounded clearer and clearer as my body and mind exhausted.
    “I can help you.”
    Yes, you can help me.
    What am I wondering for?
    I smell the scent of flower."
  • "They imported a tree.
    It was a beauty at first glance. I could smell the scent of flower even though there was no breeze or wind.
    My attachment for the tree blindly grew after I smell that scent. I was very intuitive since my childhood. I could sense that this attachment is hazardous.
    I tried to avoid getting assigned to the tree by doing everything I could.
    “Well, if you put it that way… just this once, okay? Geez, did that tree do something to you?”
    His banter flies over into my ear. Did it do something? Yes, it did. And it scares me.
    A few days later, the junior, who was originally optimistic, has now become faithful to the work with a smile. I felt uneasy because the face seemed strangely comfortable.
    “I’m looking good lately? Yeah, well, that’s because the tree is helping me out.”
    He answered light-heartedly. From my experience of several years, I knew that there are only few who can smile so sincerely while working for this company. That means, when someone smiles, it was a sign of something went wrong. I felt unnerved and immediately reported to the superior.
    The answer from the superior came sooner than I thought. It was saying, that I am to file an observation report of the abnormality because there are several abnormal behaviors related to this tree spotted in other employees, not only the one I reported about.
    The order forced me to contact this tree that I had been avoiding with my best. I knew I couldn’t hand it over to someone else this time.
    I couldn’t see a barren, naked tree that I saw the day it was imported. Instead, I saw the containment unit covered in grass that seem to be sprawling around the tree as the center. But, a grass can’t grow in the containment unit. This facility is completely inorganic. The moment I felt that something is wrong,
    ‘Hello, have you come here to be blessed, too?’
    A voice echoed in my head..."
  • "(It was difficult to decrypt the content as the writing becomes heavily distorted from this point)
    I don’t know how I wrote the observation report. What’s certain is that I just wrote what I felt about the tree, that this beautiful plant is making employees happy and will contribute the humanity’s quest for prosperity and advancement.
    But how can an abnormality be a good influence on humanity?
    ‘I just want to help you.’
    A voice without a speck of malicious intent echoed again in my head. Yes, it is just helping me.
    'And if you’re okay with it, could you bring your friends who are having a hard time? I want to help them.”
    Yes, this tree will easily bring peace to their mind. Speaking of which, that newbie seems to be pretty depressed lately.
    “I know a place that can make you feel better. If you want to come along.”
    She followed me without any suspicion. It was not hard to bring her to the tree’s containment unit.
    I offer her to the tree. She can, she will get better.
    ‘You brought your friend. You are a good child. Let me gift you with something.’
    I feel something sprouting in me. I can’t move my limbs. No, it’s not something bad. I am being reborn with the tree.
    The tree and I are becoming whole.
    Ah, I can fully feel it now."

Flavour Text Edit

  • "<Name> is going into Parasyte Tree's containment unit to begin the task."
  • "Employee <Name> feels delicate scent of grass embraces the air."
  • "Employee <Name> feels a gentle breeze, which can’t possibly come inside the containment unit"
  • "The sound of rustling leaves is incredibly tranquil."
  • "Flowery scent lingers in <Name>’s nose."
  • "Most of the employees here are unhappy. They feel great happiness to the smallest blessing."
  • "Incandescent blessing comes for employee <Name>"
  • "When the flower of blessing finally blooms from Parasyte Tree, then…"

Trivia Edit

  • This Abnormality is made based on the idea of the Tumblbug backer 'llooll530'
  • Before getting Observation Level 3, the Abnormality is called World Tree.
  • The game file for the English version is called Yggdrasil, referencing the "Tree of Life" from the Norse mythology.

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