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"Now, I'll give your first mission! Since it's the first day, it will be an easy one."
- Malkuth

Missions are a new feature added to the game that as the name implies, require the player to meet certain requirements to complete them. This could be anything from just completing works to suppress Abnormalities a certain number of times. Missions are given by the Sephirah of each department. They give their first mission to the player the first time a new department is unlocked and will give the next missions once the player is done with the ones of their respective departments.

When a mission for a department is completed, the player is allowed to research one of the various functions of the department, like a Movement Speed boost or displaying the damage dealt. This replaces the usage of LOB points for unlocking research.

Mission Name Given by Description and Objective
"You Can Do This!" Malkuth "Field jobs are needed for a smooth daily operation. You must monitor employees and assign them jobs."

Context : "Complete 2 field jobs."

"Semper Fi" Malkuth "The result is just as important as the work itself! We can get more Endophalin from happier Abnormalities! Make Abnormalities feel good and get energy. This should be all you think about!"

Detail : "Complete 4 field jobs with a Good or better result."

"Suppress Berserking" Malkuth "As you may know, this facility isn't that stable. We were only able to contain Abnormalities in Containment Units because we released their suppressed power before the job began. However, suppression is becoming more unstable as time goes by and some Abmormalities are starting to go berserk."

Detail: "Complete a Qliphoth Meltdown containment unit job 8 times"

"At Dusk" Malkuth "As the suppression power of the facility becomes weaker and more Abnormalities become agitated, Abnormalities called Trials that could not be put to hold will go to rampage. Like now.. Can you suppress one of Trials that show up at Dusk and reassure the employees? I will go help you soon."

Detail: "Complete Ordeal of Dusk"

"Yesod the Viper" Yesod "Our Information Team requires constant information on the Abnormalities. First, we need data on the Instinct jobs. Instinct jobs are for taking care of basic desires of Abnormalities."

Detail: "Complete an Instinct job 4 times"

"Our Paths" Yesod "Insight jobs are for indirect management of Abnormalities. We need to find out what Abnormalities like and dislike about the environment of Containment Unit and manage accordingly."

Detail: "Complete an Insight job 5 times"

"Why Won't It Rot?" Yesod "Through Attachment jobs, we can build bonds with Abnormalities. Abnormalities with social desires tend to show their discontent even with a full stomach or when the Containment Unit is clean."

Detail : "Complete an Attachment job 6 times"

"Boundary of Perfection" Yesod "The best we can do is taking care of things before they turn sour. All will be taken care of if Abnormalities are managed properly. So be sure to take care of everything carefully. As far as I know, this is the best way."

Detail: "Complete a job without a Poor result"

"Lethargic" Netzach "I am from the security team. We're in charge of the security of the facility... To tell you the truth, no place in this facility is safe..."

Context: "Complete a job without death."

"Beer Vending Machine" Netzach "The employees here are exposed to life-threatening accidents. A lot of them lose their life or sanity. Losing sanity is worse than losing life, if you ask me."

Context: "Complete a job without panicking."

"I Want To Help" Hod "I am from the training team. We make manuals and train employees when needed. Experience is the key. I am sure you will manage the people in your fold to survive."

Context : "Promote 2 employees."

"Unwanted Kindness" Hod "As you know, employees here are promoted solely based on their merit. You should focus on building up your crew for progressively harder tasks."

Context: "Promote an employee to level 4."

"I Want To Be A Good Person" Hod "There is a limit in training employees with indirect experience. They will eventually face Abnormality in person... Not all employees survives their first few encounters with them though."

Context: "Suppress Abnormality 4 times."

"Test training" Hod "Thank you for your exelent leadership, we now have more capable employees. If we show your perfect management and supression skill to other employees through them, it's more effective than any documents and videos could be... I'm sorry, I'm keep hearing things..."

Context: "Clear after dispatching 5 or more 5 level employees"

As we collect mission names and whatnot please group them by department in the table, so all the Safety Team missions are next to each other in the table please. -Watson

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