"Now, I'll give your first mission! Since it's the first day, it will be an easy one."
- Malkuth

Missions are a new feature added to the game that as the name implies, require the player to meet certain requirements to complete them. This could be anything from just completing works to suppress Abnormalities a certain number of times. Missions are given by the Sephirah of each department. They give their first mission to the player at the second opening level of a department (Malkuth is the exception of this rule with giving a first mission at first day) and will give the next missions once the player will done with the previous ones and achived the next opening level of their respective departments.

When a mission for a department is completed, the player is allowed to research one of the various functions of the department, like a HPIcon HP and SPIcon SP gauge bars or displaying the damage dealt. This replaces the usage of LOB points for unlocking research which was in the Legacy Version.

Given by Mission Name Description and Objective
Malkuth PortraitV01
MalkuthArmband Malkuth
You Can Do This! "Manager, don't forget that your primary goal is harvesting energy from the Abnormalities. It is the most important function of the company. Don't disappoint me!"

Detail: "Complete Abnormality work 3 times"

Semper Fi "Your job is not just keeping the Abnormalities in control. You need to make them happy so they will produce as many as PE-Boxes. Everything else is secondary."

Detail: "Complete work 4 times with a result of Good or higher"

Suppress Berserking "As you may know, this facility isn’t that stable. We were only able to contain Abnormalities in containment units because we momentarily released their suppressed power before the work began. However, suppression becomes unstable as time goes by and eventually some Abnormalities go into a meltdown."

Detail: "Complete a Qliphoth Meltdown Containment Unit job 8 times"

At Dusk "As the Deterrence of the facility becomes weaker and more Abnormalities become agitated, Abnormalities called Ordeals that could not be held down will go into a rampage. Like now. Can you calm the employees down by suppressing one of Ordeals that show up at dusk? I will go help you soon."

Detail: "Complete Ordeal of Dusk"

Yesod PortraitV01
YesodArmband Yesod
Yesod the Viper "The Information Team is always in need of data on the Abnormalities. At this point in research, we need data collected from Instinct work. Instinct work directly resolves the Abnormalities' primal instincts and drives."

Detail: "Complete Instinct work 4 times"

Our Paths "Through Insight work, we can indirectly control the Abnormalities. We need to know what they do and don't like about their containment unit."

Detail: "Complete Insight work 5 times"

Why Won't It Rot? "Through Attachment jobs, we can build bonds with Abnormalities. Abnormalities with social desires tend to show their discontent even with a full stomach or when the Containment Unit is clean."

Detail: "Complete Attachment work 6 times"

Boundary of Perfection "The best we can do is to take care of things before they turn sour. All will be taken care of if Abnormalities are managed to the best results. So be sure to take care of everything carefully. As far as I know, this is the best way."

Detail: "Complete a job without a Poor result"

Netzach PortraitV01
NetzachArmband Netzach
Lethargic Space "The Security Team is in charge of... the security of employees. You will understand how hard it is to maintain the safety and security of this place once you experience it first-hand."

Detail: "Finish a day without deaths"

Beer Vending Machine "What's more important than just keeping the employees alive, is keeping them sane. Employees who lose sanity are permanently damaged and live a half-life. You'll find it's more difficult to maintain the sanity of the employees than keeping them alive."

Detail: "Finish a day without panicking employees"

An Impossible Event "I can’t believe you’re able to carry out your job without killing anyone both physically and mentally. If you were so capable, why didn’t you step in until now? Because you were unassigned? Then let me give you another job."

Detail: "Finish a day without deaths or panicking employees"

Efficiency "In order to prevent the deaths of many, I believe we should dispatch fewer employees. You know, to keep damages at a minimum."

Detail: "Finish a day after dispatching 3 employees or less in all departments"

Hod PortraitV01
HodArmband Hod
I Want To Help "I am from the Training Team. We make manuals and train employees when needed. But for situations where the manual isn't enough, experience is the key. I am sure you will manage the people in your fold to survive."

Detail: "Promote 2 employees"

Unwanted Kindness "As you know, employees here are promoted solely based on their merit. You should focus on building up your crew for progressively harder jobs."

Detail: "Promote an employee to level 4 or higher"

I Want To Be A Good Person "Indirect experiences have a limit. At some point, employees need to learn from their own experiences and mistakes. Unfortunately, not all employees survive their first few encounters with the Abnormalities."

Detail: "Suppress different Abnormalities 4 times"

Test Training "Thanks to your excellent leadership, we now have more capable employees. If they can demonstrate your perfect management and suppression skills to other employees, it’ll be more effective than any document or video... I’m sorry, I keep hearing things..."

Detail: "Finish a day after dispatching 5 or more level 5 employees"

TipherethArmband Tiphereth
Proving Competence 1 "The Central Team is holding the Abnormalities at a specific location. Abnormalities become unstable over time and the Qliphoth Meltdown gauge you’ve seen displays this. We have our own limits, so please finish the job without any problems."

Detail: "Finish a day with Qliphoth Meltdown level 8 or lower"

Proving Competence 2 "To prevent the meltdown, you must reduce the amount of work by giving orders in the most efficient way possible. If not, Abnormalities and other crises will overflow."

Detail: "Finish a day with Qliphoth Meltdown level 7 or lower"

Proving Competence 3 "If you look at the Sephirah Manual, capable managers have records of tremendous efficiency. Do you think you can beat it?"

Detail: "Finish a day with Qliphoth Meltdown level 6 or lower"

Proving Competence 4 "Tiphereth is not in good shape, so I'm going to get tired for the time being. Okay, it's the end. Take care of all the containment units that have run through. If you do this, I will acknowledge your own abilities."

Detail: "Clear without containment room's occurrence of Qliphoth Meltdown"

Gebura Portrait
GeburaArmband Gebura
Purpose of Pain 1 "If you want to last longer than a day here, you have to get used to suppressing those Abnormalities. Killing them needs to be like breathing for you. Also, I enjoy seeing them suffer."

Detail: "Suppress HE or lower Abnormality 5 times"

Purpose of Pain 2 "Never show your fear in front of the dangerous ones. You just gotta rip and break. Use any means necessary to kill WAW level ones in front of me."

Detail: "Suppress WAW Abnormality 5 times"

Proving Power "If you have done so far, you know what to do next? ALEPH Abnormalities are the most dangerous and hateful things here. But the monster is a monster. The beings we have to get rid of..."

Detail: "Suppress different ALEPH Abnormalities 3 times"

Our work "We deal with our work. Because I know only how to handle these things. I can not tolerate others taking my stage. Let's tell these monsters. That we are enough."

Detail: "Complete Ordeal of Midnight"

Chesed Portrait
ChesedArmband Chesed
For the Aftermath 1 "The Welfare Team is always busy. They are working very hard while in a carefree environment, but the best method is to finish the job ASAP. This ensures everyone to work more precisely and calmly."

Detail: "Finish a day within the time limit"

For the Aftermath 2 "Better than I expected. How about raising the bar? I expect great results just like before."

Detail: "Finish a day within the time limit"

For the Aftermath 3 "Preventing accidents and mopping up is our job. Finishing the job quickly means we have more time to mop up everything."

Detail: "Finish a day within the time limit"

For the Aftermath 4 "I am sorry. I thought about the past. My request is always the same. Let me ask you a little bit harder to do with your ability. Yeah. I guess I can only stay in place like usual."

Detail: "Finish a day within the time limit"

Binah Portrait
BinahArmband Binah
Collecting Extracted Specimens "Let’s start with extracting E.G.O before we do anything else. The nature of E.G.O and Abnormalities aren’t that different. They are both illusions extracted in the physical level. Bone for bone, blood for blood..."

Detail: "Extract more than 5 E.G.O with HE or higher"

Component of self-consciousness "You can take the word GIFT literally. It’s weaker than E.G.O, but it’s part of their self-consciousness. Beware, though, taking self-consciousnesses of others may saturate yourself."

Detail: "Complete a day with 1 or more employee that has 4 or more E.G.O Gift."

Shell of self-consciousness "E.G.O is borrowing the power of someone else’s self-consciousness. Employees gain enormous power and strong body by donning a shell named E.G.O. Some like Red Mist took its power and claimed it completely as their own but our employees can’t do that. The weaker the mind is, the more you want to hide behind someone else’s shell."

Detail: "Complete a day possessing 8 or more ALEPH level E.G.O"

Abnormality Dissolution "As you know, abnormalities and ordeals are the things that came from human mind and took physical forms. That makes them possess possibilities of past, present, even the future. They’re mystery and unstable. However, we humans have never stopped digging out truth. Not only abnormalities, we want to know and understand everything."

Detail: "Complete a day with maximum observation level on every abnormality in the facility"

Hokma Portrait
HokmaArmband Hokma
Virtue of Protection "The growth of all employees here are based on 4 virtues and these growths are directly applied in reality. I wonder where the limit lies? First, Fortitude comes from a strong body and instinctive desire. Nobody knows if that desire will become a power to protect everyone or a weapon to satisfy one’s desires."

Detail: "Clear with 3 or more employees with 100 or higher Fortitude"

Virtue of Governance "What is rationality? We see and analyze through the eyes of rationality. However, its efficiency differs from people to people. A crude rationality blinds you, excessive rationality becomes the knife that stabs you. We must be soundly rational to see this world and people."

Detail: "Complete a day with 5 or more employees with 100 or more Prudence"

Virtue of Creation "All humans are born with desires. What’s important is how you control them. It’s not just your problem. Your desires greatly affect how you treat the world and people in it. Hearing only what you want to hear, and seeing only what you want to see. What’s really needed for humans is controlling these desires between oneself, others, and the world. If it’s possible, we will be able to create great things."

Detail: "Complete a day with 8 or more employees with 100 or more Temperance"

Virtue of Soul "Do you believe the existence of soul? I do. I also believe that soul itself is the reason of one’s existence. Then, is there a perfect soul? I do not think there is. However, one can endlessly get closer to perfection. The process of it is an endless wave of agony. At the end of such effort, I expect that we will be able to make valuations of everything correctly."

Detail: "Complete a day with 10 or more employees with 100 or more Justice"