Notice About the Article "Missions":
"Missions" is using information from a "Beta", less official version of the game. The information will likely be subject to change as time goes on, and the information may be incorrect as it is first collected and put on the wiki.

"Now, I'll give your first mission! Since it's the first day, it will be an easy one."
- Malkuth

Missions are a new feature added to the game that as the name implies, require the player to meet certain requirements to complete them. This could be anything from just completing the first day to finishing work 10 times on abnormalities that deal physical damage with no employees dying. Missions are given by the Sephirah of each department. They give their first mission to the player the first a new department is unlocked and will give the next missions once the player is done with the ones of their respective departments.

When a mission for a department is completed, the player is allowed to research one of the various functions of the department, like a Mental Health boost or unlocking the Pistol weapon. This replaces the usage of LOB points for unlocking research.

Mission Name Given by Description and Objective
"Malkuth The Passionate!" Malkuth "Manager! Since this is your first day, all you have to do is just finish the day.

Context : Clear Day 1."

"Why do we have one less person?" Malkuth "Manager! Let's make them feel good!

Context : Hit highest mood rating on any abnormalities 2 times in a day."

"Yesod the Cold-Hearted" Yesod "We need information about abnormalities under various situations. Please record each entity's reaction to pacifist employees.

Context : Proceed Communing 5 times with a pacifist employee."

"My name is---whatever" Netzach "Uh, I don't know. Just finish whatever this paper says.

Context : Finish any work 10 times on abnormalities that have physical damage type without a single employee dying."

"I hope we become good friends." Hod "I am adding some articles to a manual called "Directives for efficient management", and I need your help on this!

Context : Proceed a work 5 times on abnormalities of class HE or higher with a level 1 employee."

"Tiphereth and Tiphereth" Tiphereth "This is a gift for you who reached middle level, I say. If you can't handle this, you can't go below here, I say.

Context : Proceed a work 5 times on abnormalities of class WAW or higher."

As we collect mission names and whatnot please group them by department in the table, so all the Safety Team missions are next to each other in the table please. -Watson

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