The Lobotomy Corporation Wikia is about the Korean developed early access indie game Lobotomy Corp by PROJECT MOON, in which you care for and collect energy from various aberrations known as Abnormalities, ranging from the monstrous, to the paranormal, to the plain bizarre. So far, there are 95 articles on this Wikia documenting various gameplay mechanics, traits, tidbits, and Abnormalities in-game.
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Page Creation Notice
All Abnormality pages should include an infobox with a picture, the Abnormality's subject number, its attack type, its risk level and its preferences (Loves, likes, etc).

Pages should also include an introduction describing the Abnormality's appearance and ability, an origin section, a caretaking section, a space for encylopedia entries, a flavour text section, a trivia section, and a separate section for any other relevant information (EG: WhiteNight and the Apostles, QueenBee and the worker bees, etc).

If any information is missing, please leave a blank space or a "???" so that another volunteer can fill in the information for you later.

(An Example Page for what a new Abnormality entry should look like has been made)

A list of Unreleased Abnormalities can be found here.

No. Enc. Port Name Subject Number Attack Type Risk Level Work Success Rate Mood Decrease Rate Basic Mood Rating
2 ScorchedGirlSpritePortrait Scorched Girl F-01-02-T RED TETH +20% -30% 60%
3 OneSinSpritePortrait One Sin and Hundreds of Good Deeds O-03-03-Z WHITE ZAYIN +20% -30% 55%
4 MagicalGirlSpritePortrait The Queen of Hatred O-01-04-W RED WAW +30% -40% 80%
6 HappyTeddySpritePortrait Happy Teddy T-04-06-H RED HE +30% -40% 56%
8 Red Shoes Encyclopedia Red Shoes O-04-08-H WHITE/
HE +30% -40% 60%
12 Old Lady Encyclopedia Old Lady O-01-12-T WHITE TETH +20% -30% 45%
15 Nameless Fetus Encyclopedia Nameless Fetus O-01-15-H RED/
HE +40% -50% 65%
18 Woman Facing the Wall Encyclopedia Woman Facing the Wall F-01-18-T WHITE TETH +30% -40% 65%
20 Nothing There Encyclopedia Nothing There O-06-20-A RED ALEPH +30% -40% 42%
30 Singing Machine Encyclopedia Singing Machine O-05-30-H WHITE HE +30% -40% 58%
31 Poor Screenwriter's Note Encyclopedia Poor Screenwriter's Note O-05-31-W WHITE WAW +10% -15% 40%
37 Snow Queen 2 Portrait The Snow Queen F-01-37-H BLUE HE +20% -30% 50%
40 Big Bird Encyclopedia Big Bird O-02-40-H BLACK/
HE +20% -30% 55%
41 All-Around Helper Encyclopedia All-Around Helper T-05-41-H RED HE +20% -30% 80%
42 Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 12.33.35 AM Snow White's Apple F-04-42-W RED/
WAW +40% -50% 60%
43 Spider Bud Encyclopedia Spider Bud T-02-43-T RED TETH +30% -40% 65%
44 Beauty and the Beast Portrait Beauty and the Beast F-02-44-T RED TETH +40% -30% 35%
45 Plague Doctor Encyclopedia Plague Doctor O-01-45-Z WHITE ZAYIN +20% -30% 61%
46 WN WhiteNight T-03-46-A BLUE ALEPH +40% -50% 50%
47 Don't Touch Me Encyclopedia Don't Touch Me O-05-47-Z BLACK ZAYIN +0% -0% 0%
48 Hmaaer of light Hammer of Light O-05-48-Z RED ZAYIN +20% -30% 50%
49 Rudol Rudol-ta of Sled F-02-49-H WHITE HE +30% -40% 58%
50 QueenBee Profile QueenBee T-04-50-W RED WAW +30% -40% 57%
51 Bloodbath Portrait Bloodbath T-05-51-T RED TETH +30% -40% 65%
52 Opened Can of Wellcheers Encyclopedia Opened Can of Wellcheers F-05-52-Z BLUE ZAYIN +30% -40% 55%
53 Alriune Encyclopedia Alriune T-04-53-W WHITE WAW +40% -50% 48%
54 Abandoned Murderer Encyclopedia Abandoned Murderer T-01-54-T RED TETH +20% -30% 45%
55 The Silent Orchestra Encyclopedia The Silent Orchestra T-01-55-A WHITE ALEPH +30% -40% 47.5%
55 The Child of Galaxy The Child of Galaxy O-01-55-H RED HE +20% -30% 13%
56 Punishing Bird Punishing Bird O-02-56-T RED/WHITE TETH +10% -30% 46%
57 LittleRedSpritePortrait Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary F-01-57-H RED HE +20% -30% 50%
58 BigBadSpritePortrait Big and Might be Bad Wolf F-02-58-W RED WAW +30% -40% 50%
59 You're Bald... Portrait You're Bald... Bald-Is-Awesome! WHITE ZAYIN +30% -40% 50%
60 FragmentUniverseSpritePortrait Fragment of the Universe O-03-60-T WHITE TETH +30% -40% 55%
61 CrumblingArmorSpritePortrait Crumbling Armor O-05-61-T WHITE TETH +30% -40% 55%
62 JudgementBirdSpritePortrait Judgement Bird O-02-62-H BLUE HE +30% -40% 55%
63 ApocalypseBirdSpritePortrait Apocalypse Bird ??? RED/
ALEPH +0% -0% 0%
64 The King of Greed Portrait The King of Greed O-01-64-W RED WAW +30% -40% 80%
65 Price of Silence Portrait Price of Silence O-05-65-H BLUE HE +20% -30% 50%
66 The Little Prince Portrait The Little Prince O-04-66-W RED WAW +30% -40% 40%
No. Enc. Port Name Subject Number Attack Type Risk Level Work Success Rate Mood Decrease Rate Basic Mood Rating


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