Lob Point Gained

LOB Points Gained, at the end of a day

Lobotomy Points or LOB Points are the in-game currency, which the player can spend in hiring employees and researching upgrades. LOB Points are gained at the end of each day, in low amounts first, but as the days progress, the amount will start to increase, and also giving a great amount of LOB Points when unlocking a new department.

LOB Points are limited in amount since the start of the game, and the player can just spend a limited amount of points before running out of it or by the lack of points to hire more employees or purchase researches.

A balanced amount of LOB Points are ideal to keep progressing through the game, and the player must know how to handle the currency to keep the efficiency and safety of the employees. Replacing employees sometimes can be expensive if the empty slots are higher than expected and worse in later parts of the game, since the facility will have more Abnormalities to take care of, and probably, of higher Risk Level.

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