"The information team analyzes a variety of Phantasmas and profiles them. They are in charge of collecting, analyzing, and archiving the collected data. They are tasked to make the Endophalin harvesting a safer process."
- Description
The Information Team Department is the second department that is unlocked. It contains a main room, 1 other large room, 4 elevators and 4 hallways. The maximum amount of containment units that this department can have is 4. Above this department is the Control Team Department, to the left is the Safety Team Department, to the right is the Training Team Department, and below is the Central Command Team Department. Yesod is the Sephirah of this department.

The main room is the upper of the two large rooms in the department. Employees will start and wait there for instructions of the player and to heal any wounds.

The agents will wear purple shoulder bands with the 'Y' letter on them. The clerks will wear purple suits with dark purple ties. The team's main color is purple.

The missions of this department are the most easiest of the game along with the Control Team, with the researches giving visual information and fear resistance.

Missions Edit

Mission 1: "Yesod the Viper"

Description: "Our Information Team requires constant information on the Abnormalities. First, we need data on the Instinct jobs. Instinct jobs are for taking care of basic desires of Abnormalities."

Goal: "Complete an Instinct job 4 times"

The player has to perform Instinct work four times on Abnormalities. This should go without problem if it is not done on the wrong Abnormalities.

Mission 2: "Our Paths"

Description: "Insight jobs are for indirect management of Abnormalities. We need to find out what Abnormalities like and dislike about the environment of Containment Unit and manage accordingly."

Goal: "Complete an Insight job 5 times"

Similar to the previous mission, this one should go without problem if it is not done on the wrong Abnormalities.

Mission 3: "Why Won't It Rot?"

Description: "Through Attachment jobs, we can build bonds with Abnormalities. Abnormalities with social desires tend to show their discontent even with a full stomach or when the Containment Unit is clean."

Goal: "Complete an Attachment job 6 times"

Similar to the previous missions, but Attachment work must be done this time. This should also go without problem if it is not done on the wrong abnormalities.

Mission 4: "Boundary of Perfection"

Description: "The best we can do is taking care of things before they turn sour. All will be taken care of if Abnormalities are managed properly. So be sure to take care of everything carefully. As far as I know, this is the best way."

Goal: "Complete a job without a Poor result"

The player must complete the day without any work having a bad result. This should not cause too much trouble if only the easiest Abnormalities to please are chosen.

Researches Edit

Information Team have upgrades to visualize different gauges and values like the damage dealt at the moment, displaying HP bars on Abnormalities and agents, as well upgrading the Fear Level resistance. It possess 3 Researches:

G.O Visualization: Display HP/MP bars on employees, above their heads and sharing the same bar of the name, and also display HP bars on breaching Abnormalities, including name and Risk Level.

"Visualize geometric biometric information of Abnormality and employees."

Normalization of Damage: Display the damage type and value dealt to Abnormalities and employees, including the resistance against said damage.

"Visualizes damage done by Abnormalities and employees."

Abnormality Countermeasure Manual: Reduce the Fear Level of the Abnormalities by 1.

"Reduce Fear of Abnormality using thorough countermeasure manual."

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