"It's so easy for them to kill a employee or two. So you should control them by tirelessly observing how they feel."

-- Encyclopedia
HE Abnormalities can cause different negative effects on the employees and facility. From dealing constant psychological damage to being able to kill employees in one hit, these Abnormalities can be a serious problem when their mood drops, which surely will make them trigger their own abilities or even escaping their containment units.

Name Subject Number Attack Type Work Success Rate Mood Decrease Basic Mood Rating
Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 12.22.21 AM
All-Around Helper
T-05-41-H RED +20% -30% 80%
Big Bird
O-02-40-H RED/
+20% -30% 55%
Happy Teddy
T-04-06-H RED +30% -40% 56%
Judgement Bird
O-02-62-H BLUE +30% -40% 55%
Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary
F-01-57-H RED +20% -30% 50%
Nameless Fetus
O-01-15-H RED/
+40% -50% 65%
Price of Silence Portrait
Price of Silence
O-05-65-H BLUE +20% -30% 50%
Red Shoes
O-04-08-H WHITE/
+30% -40% 60%
Rudol-ta of Sled
F-02-49-H WHITE +30% -40% 58%
Singing Machine
O-05-30-H WHITE +30% -40% 58%
The Child of Galaxy
The Child of Galaxy
O-01-55-H RED +20% -30% 13%
Snow Queen 2 Portrait
The Snow Queen
F-01-37-H BLUE +20% -30% 50%
Name Subject Number Attack Type Work Success Rate Mood Decrease Basic Mood Rating

6 of these Abnormalities can't escape from their containment units: Nameless Fetus, Happy Teddy, Singing Machine, The Child of Galaxy, Price of Silence and The Snow Queen, but they will make other effects when their mood is depleted.

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