"And the chant always ends with eternal despair of the person chanting."
- Abnormality Log
Flesh Idol (T-09-79) is a WAW abnormality taking the form of a long rusty cross, on the center of it having a lump of mostly flesh and iron gears, pipes and others. Is said that the flesh pulsate or moves as someone start to chant at it.

Information Edit

Ability: Edit

Flesh Idol's ability triggers when an employee uses it. During use, the employee will kneel and start to chant. Overtime, the employee will suffer a fixed value of 7 damage of a random type, non-repeating in a row, as long they work is in use. Depending of how much time pass, different effects will trigger:

  • If the employee leaves the work at 20 seconds or less, it will die.
  • Between 21 and 45 seconds while chanting, all other employees will start to recover HP overtime.
  • Between 46 and 90 seconds while chanting, the previous effect will still be activated, now with the employee chanting recovering MP overtime.
  • If the employee chanting doesn't leave the work before the time while chanting is longer than 90 seconds, the employee will die and all the Qliphoth counter of every Abnormality in the facility will drop to 0.

The player can stop the chanting at any moment and the timer of the effects will reset.

Basic Information: Edit


Flesh Idol's encyclopedia portrait

Flesh Idol's basic information takes 30 seconds of using to unlock, the information gained is:

  • Name of the Abnormality
  • Subject classification
  • Risk Level (WAW)
  • Portrait
  • Type of Abnormality (Continuous)

Origin Edit

The details of her origin are mostly unknown, but was supposed to be a religious artifact where people of certain religion or cult gathered around it to pray or chant at it. It was found in a 'flooded section' of an unknown location

Log and Method Edit

Interaction Amount
30 seconds
"A lump mixture of flesh and iron."
"Flesh Idol's effect can be done through chanting. The subject who prays to the Flesh Idol will receive damage of a random type."
30 seconds
"It is speculated that it was a religious artifact found in the flooded section. In the past, some people sot answers from a certain religion. When an employee chants over it, the flesh beings to move, as if responding to the call."
"(Experiment 1) The subject who chanted 20 seconds or less. The subject died.."
1 minute
"The person chanting will suffer, as if being tested, but others around them will recover HP and SP just like a redemption."
"(Experiment 3)The subject chanted for a duration between 21 to 45 seconds. All employees other than the subject covered HP over time."
2 minutes
"And the chant always ends with eternal despair of the person chanting."
"(Experiment 3)The subject chanted for a duration between 46 to 90 seconds. The result was similar to experiment 2, but the subject also recovered SP."
3 minutes
"(Experiment 4) The subject chanted longer than 90 seconds. The subject died, but the Cliport [Qliphoth] counter of all Abnormalities was reduced to 0,"

Trivia Edit

  • Flesh Idol is the first Abnormality which can deal all the types of damage.

Gallery Edit

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