"When the time comes, as the train chugs down the tracks, it sounds its horn."
- Abnormality Log
Express Train to Hell (T-09-86) is a tool WAW abnormality in the form of a big cage like structure, maybe resembling a ticket station or office, with a base made of skulls and rocks. In the center has a dark cell with two glowing yellow eyes looking behind the bars, an entity known as the 'clerk' who sells/gives the tickets. At the top has 4 square lights which start turned off.

Information Edit

Ability: Edit

Express Train to Hell's ability consist of a single use work depending of the amount of lights turned on. It turns 1 light on when a work in the facility begins. On use, with any light on, the entity inside the structure will reach the employee with an arm, giving them a ticket, providing heal of HP and MP, and afterwards turning all the lights off. The targets vary depending of the amount of lights on at the moment of use:

  • 1 and 2 lights on: The employee who perform the work gets a healing of HP and MP.
  • 3 lights on: The whole department where the abnormality is and the employee performing the work receive healing of HP and MP.
  • 4 lights on: All the employees in the facility receive healing of HP and MP.
  • There is no effect when performing a work when there are no lights on.

If another work is started when all the 4 lights are on, they will turn off and the sound of a running train could be hear. The Express Train to Hell will appear from the right or left side of the facility through a portal, moving to the opposite side at high speed in a straight line in any direction. It has the appearance of a rusty train with an eye at the front of the locomotive, with 5 wagons in total. When passing through the zone, any employees in its way and out of containment units will receive 100 of Black Damage. When reaching the edge of the other side of the facility, another portal will appear where the train will go through and disappear.

Basic Information: Edit


Express Train to Hell's encyclopedia portrait

Express Train to Hell's basic information takes 2 Uses to unlock, the information gained is:

  • Name of the Abnormality
  • Subject classification
  • Risk Level (WAW)
  • Portrait
  • Type of Abnormality (Single use)

Origin Edit

Its origin is currently unknown.

Log and Method Edit

Interaction Amount
1 Use
"The station clerk sells tickets for a train that has no final destination. There aren't any alerts, just some eerie blinking lights."
"Each time an employee works on an Abnormality, the light of the ticket office will light up one by one. The station will light up to four times. When the station clerk receives a ticket, the lights will reset."
3 Uses
"The #1 and #2 lights turn on. You mind is cleared. The #3 turns on. You mind is cleared and wounds have been healed."
"When a ticket is received when 1 light is lit, that employee will recover HP and SP.."
3 Uses
"The #4 light turns on. You can hear the train's horn off in the distance. The condition of every employee in all departments has been improved."
"When a ticket is received when 2 lights are lit, that employee will recover HP and SP."
5 Uses
"When the time comes, as the train chugs down the tracks, it sounds its horn. It passes through the endless tunnel, taking the employees who have taken their own lives."
"When a ticket is received when 3 lights are lit, all the employees within the employee's department will recover HP and SP."
7 Uses
"When a ticket is received when 4 lights are lit, all employees within the facility will recover HP and SP."
10 Uses
"If 4 lights are lit and one more light is lit by working on Abnormalities, the train will pass through the facility and cause Black damage to all employees who cross its path. After passing, all lights will be reset."

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first Tool Abnormality to include 'global' work control abilities, along with other Abnormalities like Punishing Bird and Old Lady.

Gallery Edit

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