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"Meaningful Block Quote Related to Subject. Remember that this part uses a <br> and NOT a </blockquote><blockquote> to separate the quote from the speaker."

The Subject's name and physical description.

Ability Edit

The special ability and its function.
Any key characteristics or notable features.

Origin Edit

The Subject's story of origin (EG: Beauty's betrayal, Big Bird being a protector of the forest, Angela being built by Lobotomy, etc).

Caretaking (if Applicable) Edit

A small summary of the Abnormality's likes and dislikes, as well as any specific requirements (EG: No principlists in Spider Bud's unit, no women in the Red Shoes unit, etc) or other tips.

  • The entries in the Abnormality's personal encyclopedia under the "Caretaking" tab.

Strategy (if Applicable) Edit

A summary of how to control, prevent events and useful alternative uses for such abnormality.

Final Observation Edit

Put a final observation dialogue box here.

Additional Information (if Applicable) Edit

(EG: QueenBee's worker bees, WhiteNight's Apostles)

Encyclopedia Entries (if Applicable) Edit


Photo of the Abnormality's encyclopedia portrait

  • The entries in the Abnormality's personal encyclopedia under the "Description" tab.

Flavour Text Edit

  • The text that shows up above the Subject's containment chamber / in their "Work Log" tab.
  • Quotes said by Subject at random during the day

Trivia Edit

  • Bugs, interesting facts, references, etc

Gallery Edit

Any other images of the Abnormality that aren't directly relevant to the article.

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