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Employees in the Main Room of the Control Team Department

"Writing Encyclopedia is a pain in the neck. No one will figure out whether I just make it up or not."
- An employee

Employees are the people working for Lobotomy Corporation and are the player's main tool to interact with Abnormalities. There are 2 types of employees at the moment: Agents and Clerks.

Agents, also called in-game just 'employees', are controlled workers that can be identified by their suits depending on what Equipment they are given. The player can order them to do each of the four works to manage the Abnormalities. Agents can be promoted and can suppress other agents or breaching Abnormalities when needed. They have stats that must be considered when sending them to work with an Abnormality and losing all of them will cause a Game Over.

Agents can be hired at the start of a new day for 1 Lob Point or the player can hire a Custom Agent for a higher price.

Clerks or Office Workers are randomly generated employees, wearing other suits so as to not confuse them with agents, who wander around, taking care of the facility instead interacting with the Abnormalities. The player cannot control the Clerks but Abnormalities can affect them, such as when an abnormality is attacking, or a Clerk becoming the target of an effect or receiving damage.

The Clerks provide passive functions depending on the amount of them that are alive/sane in the department they work in.

Basic Stats Edit

Main article: Stats
This is a summary of the stats of the employees, and considering them is crucial to perform a good management. Both Agents and Clerks possess these stats, with the Agents using more stats than Clerks. To see the stats of an Agent, hover the mouse over them, click on the agent or see them in the Deployment Phase. The stats are:

  • HPIcon Health Points (HP): The amount of physical damage that the employee can take before they Die. This gauge becomes visible when sending an employee to work and when unlocking a research from the YesodArmband Information Team. This gauge can be HPHealing healed by the Main Room's regenerators, as well as by other effects. RedDamageTypeIcon Red and BlackDamageTypeIcon Black Damage subtract a fixed value of this bar, and PaleDamageTypeIcon Pale Damage subtracts a percentage of their HPIcon HP according to their HPIcon Max HP.
  • SPIcon Sanity Points (SP): The amount of mental damage that the employee can take. When depleted the employee Panics. A panicking employee reacts according to their Panic State (See below in the Panic section) and do different actions to harm other employees and the facility. This gauge becomes visible when sending an employee to work and when unlocking a research from the YesodArmband Information Team. This gauge can be SPHealing healed by the Main Room's regenerators, as well other effects. WhiteDamageTypeIcon White and BlackDamageTypeIcon Black Damage subtract a fixed value of this bar.

When panicked, the bar will remain depleted and can be healed by dealing WhiteDamageTypeIcon White and BlackDamageTypeIcon Black Damage to the panicked employee. Once is full, the employee will return to normal.

  • Agent/Stats Level: The Main Level of an agent at Level 1, up to Level 5. This is the combination of all the levels of their main stats. Every Agent has 4 stats, they can start at Level 1, but can be upgraded by working or improving them by spending LOB Points; up to a maximum of Level 5. These are:
    • FortitudeIcon Fortitude: Increase the HPIcon HP of the employee and is upgraded by performing Instinct Instinct.
    • PrudenceIcon Prudence: Increase the SPIcon SP of the employee and is upgraded by performing Insight Insight.
    • TemperanceIcon Temperance: Increase the WorkSuccessIcon Work Success, which help in getting more PE-Boxes with Abnormalities, and WorkSpeedIcon Work Speed, which reduce the time spent in works, and is upgraded by performing Attachment Attachment.
    • JusticeIcon Justice: Increase the Attack Speed, which decrease the delay between attacks, and MovementSpeedIcon Movement Speed, which increase the speed that the employee travel across the facility, and is upgraded by performing Repression Repression.

To increase the Level of these stats, their basic value of their stat must be increased in ~25. The limit of the values is up to 100 ~ 110 by default.

  • Damage and Resistances: Depending of the equipment used by the employee, their resistance and base damage will vary, but depending of the equipment's Risk Level or Grade, it will also change the effectiveness of the damage and resistance against the target.

Damage depends on the E.G.O. weapon of the Agent. Depending on the Damage Type, it can deal one or more of the 4 types of damage: RedDamageTypeIcon Red, WhiteDamageTypeIcon White, BlackDamageTypeIcon Black, PaleDamageTypeIcon Pale. Against Abnormalities, Ordeals and Minions, these values are subtracted directly from their HPIcon HP bar, taking into account their defenses.

Resistances depends of the E.G.O. armor of the Agent, which change the resistance of the user against each damage individually, in a percentage. The defenses can be: Absorb (-2.0 ~ -0.1), Immuned (0.0), Resistant (0.1 ~ 0.4), Endured (0.5 ~ 0.9), Normal (1.0), Weak (1.1 ~ 1.9), Vulnerable (2.0)

Departments Edit

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The Agents are assigned to different departments and teams during the Deployment Phase, where they will work with the Abnormalities. The player can choose where an agent is assigned in the available departments when starting a new day. At least 1 Agent must be in each department to proceed to the Management Phase. 9 of the current departments/teams can have 5 employees, while the Central Command Team can have a maximum of 10 employees.

Depending of the department that the agents are assigned to, they get a 'Service Time', that will boost a specific stat or add a minor effect to them. It will be improved as the agent continues to be assigned to the same department consecutively. If the employee is assigned to another department in another day, the progress will be lost and reset back to 1.

There are 10 departments/teams currently, and are unlocked in the next order: Control Team, Information Team, Security Team, Training Team , Central Command Team, Welfare Team, Disciplinary Team, Record Team, Extraction Team and Architecture Team.

Works Edit


An agent, doing a Repression work with All-Around Helper

There are 4 different works to interact with Abnormalities. These works are Instinct Instinct, Insight Insight, Attachment Attachment and Repression Repression. These works affect the success chance of getting EBoxIcon PE-Boxes of the Abnormality, improving them or decreasing them. They can also get EBoxIcon NE-Boxes that make the Abnormality damage them with their Damage Type. At the end of the work, it will give a 'Mental Result' depending of the amount of EBoxIcon PE-Boxes collected, which can be BadResult Bad, NormalResult Normal or GoodResult Good, and can vary between Abnormalities. It always happen when the work is finished, even when interrupted by the employee getting out of the containment unit or by not being sane/alive anymore. The preferences of the works also vary between Abnormalities.

To order a work, the player must click on the containment unit of the Abnormality, where the work options will appear. After selecting one work, they can select the agent to sent into the containment to perform said work. The player can cancel the work they are going to do by clicking on the room of the Abnormality before the agent arrives at the room.

NOTE: This will be soon reorganized.

Icon Work Description Flavor Texts (Wip)
Instinct (Nourishing/Cleaning) "Through this work, you satisfy its natural urges. Direct contact will be needed for this job. You can nourish Abnormalities with special foods to keep them alive, or even can clean them. Appropriate methods for each Abnormality are written on the manual. You don't need to know all the details of the work. Just leave all the complicated and dangerous work to your agents and clerks. But please cheer your employees to keep up their courage, as there will be a direct contact with Abnormalities." *Alleviate Physiological Needs

*Alleviate Psychological Needs

*Allocate 37% Cognito

*Analyze Environmental Stimulators

*Analyze Nervous System Tissues

*Analyze Neuro Terminals

*Analyze Weapon Regression

*Check Conditioned Stimulus

*Check Epidermal Hardness

*Check Innate Inducers

*Check Innate Traits

*Check Nutrition

*Check Vital Sign

*Check Variation of Nutritional Requirement

*Classical Conditioning

*Control Fluid Intake

*Control Homeostatic Maintenance

*Control Immune System

*Empower Self-Preservation

*Evaluate Task Sequences

*Examine Fear Indexes

*Examine Frightened Action Rate

*Imprint Self-Conceit

*Induce Physiological Satisfaction

*Nourishing Sequence

*Operant Conditioning

*Recover Organised Disruption

*Reinforce Neural Stimulation

*Relieve Instincts

*Repair Damaged Organs

*Suppress Neuromessengers

Insight (Cleaning/Environment Maintenance) "Through this work, you improve the environment of the Abnormalities. Containment Unit must be maintained with the optimal condition. Extra care of the unit is needed, including foreign body removal, air purification, relaxing music, etc,. However, some Abnormalities prefer dirty and unpleasant environment. We need wise agents who can adjust proper environment for each Abnormality." *Analyze Air

*Analyze Behavioral Patterns
*Analyze Existential Awareness
*Analyze Perceptive Reactions
*Analyze Psychological And Physical Isomorphism
*Analyze Stress Factors
*Assess Calming Sound Effectiveness
*Check Cell Functions
*Check Formative Estimation
*Check Methodical Gradient
*Check Sentience And Selective Memories
*Check Sound System
*Check Visual Satisfaction
*Decontaminate Cell Floor
*Evaluate Task Sequences
*Monitor Gestalt Indexes
*Multilateral Bioanalysis
*Optimize Cell Environment
*Phenomenological Observation
*Test Cognitive Development
*Test Objective Thinking
*Test Problem-Solving Skills

Attachment (Communing/Amusements) "You satisfy social urges for Abnormalities. As mentioned above, despite of its form, all the abnormalities have a basic need and will. Some Abnormalities have social urges as well. You need to communicate with an abnormality by talking or any other means. You will need an agent with high moderation skill, not to overstep the line when communicating with an Abnormality." *Adjust Attachment Behaviors

*Analyze Active Expression Traits
*Analyze Attachment Type
*Analyze Emotional State
*Analyze Psychological Mechanism
*Analyze Relation Formation Mechanics
*Apply Cognitive Theory Applications
*Build Emphathy
*Build Mutual Trust
*Check Attachment Resistance
*Check Internal Working Model
*Check Secure Attachment Level
*Cultivate Vasopressin Receptors
*Evaluate Task Sequences

*Examina Awareness
*List Friendly Behaviors
*Materialize Internal Representations
*Reinforce Ego
*Resolve Relational  Desires
*Test Alternating Estrangement
*Test Stress Level
*Try Direct Contact

Repression (Violence) "You suppress the urges of Abnormalities. Above three work process will satisfy abnormalities with environment and urges, however, Suppression Work will control their will and needs. Abnormalities are not perfect. Sometimes they fail to control urges and will, and will completely over react. You have to control their emotions through Suppression Work. (Please don't ask more details about this work.) Value of Justice will be needed for an agent who is in charge of Suppression Work. The agent must be good at judging values. To control the Suppression Work, the agent has to have an ability to be objective and rational. Otherwise, Abnormality will take over the agent. Even worse, agent will kill himself." *Accelerate Energy Polarity

*Accelerate Single-Point Regression
*Deconstruct Attachment
*Delete Memories
*Disassemble Complex Concepts
*Erase Impulsive Circuits

*Map Neural Network
*Neutralize Biotoxin
*Print Consciousness
*Suppress Core
*Suppress Desires
*Suppress Ideas
*Suppress Impulses
*Suppress Instinct Routines
*Suppress Neurosis
*Suppress Symbolism
*Terminate Desires
*Treat Hysteria

Behaviour and Functions Edit

Basic Behavior Edit

Employees will wander through the facility, in the designated area where they are assigned, waiting in the Main Department Room while 'chatting'. They always start in the Main Room of their department. Agents will always go to where they were last designated at the end of a work. If an agent notice a dangerous Abnormality or hostile employee (except panicked Clerks), they will start to suppress the closer target to itself.

To order an Agent to move to another room, click on the employee or drag and make a square around a group to select them, and then select another room where you want them to move. They will remain in that zone until another work order is assigned to them.

Titles Edit

Each agent has 2 Titles, a Primary Title and Secondary Title. The titles appear below the agent in the Management Phase and next to their names when being seeing in the HUD. The Secondary Title will always change to a fixed title in each level, except in the level 5 and the Primary Title will be chosen from a pool of names that slightly change the stats in each new level reached.

Primary Title Secondary (Level) Title



"A gentle"










"A spunky"



"New employee"

























"Fire Eaters"











Research Edit

Main article: Research

Research can affect employees in different ways, like the rate of healing in main department rooms and increase other values, like the psychological and physical gauge.

Status Edit

The 'Status' are multiple states that an employee can be under, which might cause a handicap, inability to perform other tasks or just to announce their current action. These appear on a 'Task' window. The states are:

  • Moving: An Agent is moving to a containment unit to perform a task. It can be cancel by pressing the button again or the containment unit of the Abnormality before they reach it.
  • Working: The employee is now working in a containment unit with an Abnormality. Only in certain cases, like Tools, an Agent can get out of the containment unit prematurely by the order of the player. Otherwise, they will get out when the work finish.
  • Dead: The employee has lost all their HPIcon HP, succumbed into an Insta-kill effect or transformed into another entity. Dead employees no longer are alive and thus, are lost forever. If they were carrying any E.G.O. equipment, it will be lost as well, unless having a research of BinahArmband Extraction Team.
  • Out of Control (Possession): The Agent is now possessed or under other type of state that force the employee to do other actions instead of their usual behavior. Under this state, the player might or not able to save the employee and free them from this status, depending of which entity or event caused the status.
  • Panic: See below.

Panic State Edit

Panic is a state that occur once the SPIcon SP of an employee is depleted. The employee will become uncontrollable and starting to act depending of their Panic State. The WhiteDamageTypeIcon White Damage of the agent under panic will remain depleted and can be subdued by other agents to try to return them back to normal. Dealing WhiteDamageTypeIcon White and/or BlackDamageTypeIcon Black Damage to them will SPHealing heal their gauge instead and once is back to the maximum, the employee will return to normal. However, BlackDamageTypeIcon Black Damage can still cause damage to the HPIcon HP of the panicked employee and the defenses against damages are still applied to the employee. The SPHealing SP Healing Bullets of the Bullet Research can't heal panicked employees, but the Main Room's healing can. Clerks can also enter into 2 Panic States, but they cannot be suppressed.

To determinate the Panic State of an employee, it will depend of the their highest stat value between all the stats, and by this condition, the Clerks only can enter into 2 Panic States explained below. This count the base and additions when choosing the Panic State and in case there are 2 or more equal values of the highest stats, it will choose one of the highest ones randomly. These Panic States are 4:

Murder Edit

Agents will enter into this Panic State, Murder, when their highest stat is FortitudeIcon Fortitude. They will seek for other entities to damage with their own equipment. This make high level employees very dangerous when in this state, due to them fighting back and sometimes able to kill or make panic more employees.

Suicide Edit

Employees enter into the Suicide Panic State when their highest stat is PrudenceIcon Prudence. The employee gives up and stand on their spot, waiting for a while before killing itself instantly by snapping its own neck. If they were in a containment unit, they will just remain in front the door of the hallway. They should be better saved before they commit suicide and if other employees witness the Suicide, they will receive Fear/WhiteDamageTypeIcon White Damage.

Clerks often enter into this state when their SPIcon SP is depleted, instead of Wander, but they might also enter into Suicide at the end of the Wander. Unlike Agents, their time to Suicide has less delay and tend to kill themselves almost instantly.

Wander Edit

The employee will enter into Panic State Wander if their highest stat is TemperanceIcon Temperance.They will roam the facility aimlessly while screaming, dealing constantly WhiteDamageTypeIcon White Damage to anyone in the same room where they are. Agents will continue for a long time running away in this state if not suppressed, and if they aren't stopped in time or is more quick than the attackers chasing, it will make more employees to panic.

Clerks enter into this state, but don't deal damage when roaming and often recover more quickly when there is no more danger. However, they might enter into Panic State Suicide instead or after ending their Wander. If there was excessive amount of WhiteDamageTypeIcon White Damage dealt to a Clerk, they will die almost instantly.

Shutdown (Open Containment Unit) Edit

An Agent who enters into the Panic State Shutdown or Open Containment Unit, chosen because their JusticeIcon Justice is the highest between all its values; will go after Abnormalities with QliphothCounterIcon Qliphoth Counters to drop, getting in front their doors and taking a while before dropping their Qliphoth Counters. After performing one, they will continue to the next closer one.

Fear Level Edit

Fear Level, also called Fear Damage, is a status that affect the sanity of the employees and which is determined by the Risk Level, starting from Level 1 (Risk Zayin ZAYIN) to Level 5 (Risk Aleph ALEPH). When an employee encounters an Abnormality, while in containment or breaching, the Fear Level will make that employee to suffer a subtraction of SPIcon SP as a percentage, which can be mitigated by the employee being of higher level. This only occurs once per Abnormality breaching, until they are contained again. Clerks tend to panic almost instantly when meeting an abnormality of level Risk Teth TETH or higher, however, a research can increase their Fear Level resistance up to Risk Waw WAW Abnormalities.

The way to calculate it is by the next formula: Abnormality/Ordeal Risk Level - Employee's Level.

The subtraction of SPIcon SP percentage depends of the previous value and follow the next results.

Abnormality Risk Level - Employee Level Fear Level Fear Damage
Under 0 Relaxed None
0 Calm None
1 Nervous 10% of SPIcon Max SP
2 EmergencyLevel1IconTerrified 30% of SPIcon Max SP
3 EmergencyLevel2Icon Hopeless 60% of SPIcon Max SP
4 EmergencyLevel3Icon Overwhelmed 100% of SPIcon Max SP (Insta-Panic)

Trivia Edit

  • All the clerks' names are randomized, by using first a letter of the greek alphabet and being followed by a number.
  • In the Legacy teaser trailer of Lobotomy Corporation, in some point of the video (After the scene of Singing Machine), employees start to appear under the chaos of the facility. Actually, seem like they are representing the Panic Responses of the (old version of the) game in the next order: Wander, Suicide, Shutdown and Murder.

Gallery Edit

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