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Employees in the Main Room of the Control Team Department

"Writing Encyclopedia is a pain in the neck. No one will figure out whether I just make it up or not."
- An employee

Employees are the people working for Lobotomy Corporation and are the player's main tool to interact with Abnormalities. There are 2 types of employees at the moment: Agents and Clerks.

Agents are controlled workers that can be identified by their suits depending on what Equipment they are given. The player can order them to do each of the four works. Agents can be promoted and can suppress other agents or breaching Abnormalities when needed. They have stats that must be considered when sending them to work with an Abnormality.

Agents can suffer damage to their Physical and Mental health depending on the Damage Type of the abnormality they are working with and/or suppressing.

Agents receive the four damage types in different ways:

  • RED damage will lower an employee's Physical (Red) health bar. If this reaches zero the employee will die.
  • WHITE damage will lower an employee's Mental (Blue) health bar. If this reaches zero the employee will panic.
    • Unlike death (Physical damage), employees can be recovered out of a panic with the same damage type.
  • BLACK damage will lower an employee's Physical and Mental health bars. If either of these reaches zero the reactions listed above will take effect. This damage can also recover the Mental Gauge in panic state.
  • PALE damage is a percentage that will subtracts HP depending of their Max HP.

Agents can be hired at the start of a new day for 1 Lob Point or the player can hire a Custom Agent for a higher price.

Clerks are randomly generated employees, wearing other suits so as to not confuse them with agents, who wander around the facility, taking care of it instead interacting with the Abnormalities. The player cannot control the Clerks but Abnormalities can affect them, such as when an abnormality is attacking, or a Clerk becoming the target of an effect or receiving mental damage.

Departments Edit

Main article: Departments

The Agents are assigned to different departments or teams where they will work with the Abnormalities. The player can choose where an agent is assigned in the available departments when starting a new day. There is a maximum of 5 agents per team.

There are 5 departments/teams currently, and are unlocked in the next order: Control Team, Information Team, Safety Team, and Education Team.

Works Edit


An agent, doing a Repression work with All-Around Helper

There are 4 different works to interact with Abnormalities. These works are Instinct, Insight, Attachment, and Repression. These works affect the mood of the Abnormality, improving them or depleting them. The change of mood will always happen when the work is finished or interrupted. The player can cancel the work they are going to do by clicking on the room of the Abnormality before the agent arrives at the room.

Icon Work Description
Instinct (Nourishing/Cleaning) "Through this work, you satisfy its natural urges. Direct contact will be needed for this job. You can nourish Abnormalities with special foods to keep them alive, or even can clean them. Appropriate methods for each Abnormality are written on the manual. You don't need to know all the details of the work. Just leave all the complicated and dangerous work to your agents and clerks. But please cheer your employees to keep up their courage, as there will be a direct contact with Abnormalities."
Insight (Cleaning/Environment Maintenance) "Through this work, you improve the environment of the Abnormalities. Containment Unit must be maintained with the optimal condition. Extra care of the unit is needed, including foreign body removal, air purification, relaxing music, etc,. However, some Abnormalities prefer dirty and unpleasant environment. We need wise agents who can adjust proper environment for each Abnormality."
Attachment (Communing/Amusements) "You satisfy social urges for Abnormalities. As mentioned above, despite of its form, all the abnormalities have a basic need and will. Some Abnormalities have social urges as well. You need to communicate with an abnormality by talking or any other means. You will need an agent with high moderation skill, not to overstep the line when communicating with an Abnormality."
Repression (Violence) "You suppress the urges of Abnormalities. Above three work process will satisfy abnormalities with environment and urges, however, Suppression Work will control their will and needs. Abnormalities are not perfect. Sometimes they fail to control urges and will, and will completely over react. You have to control their emotions through Suppression Work. (Please don't ask more details about this work.) Value of Justice will be needed for an agent who is in charge of Suppression Work. The agent must be good at judging values. To control the Suppression Work, the agent has to have an ability to be objective and rational. Otherwise, Abnormality will take over the agent. Even worse, agent will kill himself."

Behaviour Edit

Basic Behavior Edit

Employees will wander through the facility, in the designated area where they are assigned, waiting in the main department room or 'chatting'. Agents will always go to the are they were last designated at the end of a work. If an agent notice a dangerous Abnormality or hostile employee (except clerks), they will start to suppress the closer target to itself.

Titles Edit

Each agent has an unique Title that will change depending on the stats they have when they level up.

Title Stats
Example: "Title Shown" Example: StatName (Stat with title, may be a range);

HP (May be a range); MP (May be a range);

Amicable New Employee

Fortitude (1); Prudence (1); Temperance (1); Justice (1);

HP ~20; MP ~19;

Gloomy New Employee WIP

Research Edit

Main article: Research

Research can affect employees in different ways, like the rate of healing in main department rooms and increase other values, like the psychological and physical gauge.

Abnormality Influence and Status Edit

Abnormalities, depending on how agents interact with them, may also affect the employees. These results can be negative most of the time. Abnormalities can use their special abilities to cause different effects on the facility and employees.This includes dealing physical and/or psychological damage, possession, death, transformation, out of control, and more.

Once the mental gauge of an employee is depleted, the employee will enter into Panic, becoming uncontrollable and starting to act depending of their role. The agents under panic can be subdued by other agents, by dealing WHITE or BLACK damage to them and trying to return them back to normal, but in some cases, BLACK damage may ending in killing the panicked employee. Their MP can also be healed to return them to normal. Clerks always enter to the panic response Wander or Suicide, or simply dying by over-damage.
Panic Response Wander

An agent under Panic response: Wander

Panic State: Wander (Clerks Only)

Clerks will most of the time enter to panic state Wander and start to roam aimlessly through the facility. They can be healed as well with WHITE Damage but not suppressed by agents. Ex: Healing MP Bullets.

Panic State: Murder (Agents Only)

Agent Panicked 2

An agent under Panic response: Murder

When an agent panics, they enter into panic state Murder, attacking friend (Employees) or foe (Abnormalities) in its sight with their current weapon.

A way to get them out of panic is to attack them with WHITE or BLACK damage. Once the mental gauge of the agent is filled back up they will immediately exit the panic state.

Panic State: Suicide

Agents who are for too long in their panic state without being returned to normal will perform Suicide, killing themselves instantly. Clerks can also perform this if they last for too long in their panic state, witnessing traumatic events or by receiving too much mental damage (WHITE and BLACK).

Trivia Edit

  • All the clerks' names are randomized, by using first a letter of the greek alphabet and being followed by a number.
  • In the teaser trailer of Lobotomy Corporation, in some point of the video (After the scene of Singing Machine), employees start to appear under the chaos of the facility. Actually, seem like they are representing the Panic Responses of the (old version of the) game in the next order: Wander, Suicide, Shutdown and Murder.

Gallery Edit


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