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Don't Touch Me (O-05-47-Z) is a large yellow box with a black horizontal stripe running across its middle. It has a 'prohibited' sign in the center of its front face, and a large, red button with white writing on its top.

Ability Edit

Its special ability is "Oh No, Don't Do That". If the player tries to order an activity on Don't Touch Me, it will kill every employee in the facility, resulting in an immediate game over. Similarly, attempting to open Don't Touch Me's encyclopedia page, or trying to observe it when the prompt rises, will cause a warning to flash on screen that depletes the mood gauges of every Abnormality.

It also has the ability to morph into other Abnormalities and create the different visual effects of other Abnormalities in an effort to fool the player into clicking on it, therefore punishing those who don't pay attention. However, even though its appearance changes, its name does not.

Origin Edit

Its origin is currently unknown, although it could be made artificially, like All-Around Helper.

Caretaking Edit

Just remember where its current location is, and avoid clicking it at all costs. Even that it has preferences, those can't be applied anyway due to its ability.

Don't Touch Me will always produce the same amount of energy, regardless of its mood. It's mood will fluctuate, but this will not change the production of energy.

Don't Touch Me's mood gauge is divided into 2 sections, distressed and happy. Under the 50%, it will feel distressed and above it, will feel happy.

If you really wish to get the final observation of this Abnormality, press either the observation button or its name every few seconds. It's important to wait a moment between each click, as rapidly pressing it will cause your game to close. During the final observation, choose the first option (At the top).

  • "No one knows what will happen if this button is pressed."
  • "No matter what happens in the room, this button should not be pressed.
  • "Stop! Don't you pity those poor employees, administrator?"
  • "Oh, please, don't touch that button."
  • "You've been pressing it for numerous times and you still have something you want to know about it?"

Strategy Edit

Don't Touch Me can be considered an easy Abnormality, as long you don't touch it, which is the only way to trigger its effects. Since is more a visual distraction and you need to interact with it, Don't Touch Me wouldn't be harmful at all, and can produce moderate energy regardless its mood.

If you have Plague Doctor in your facility, it may switch containment rooms with Don't Touch Me, making things more confusing. It's recommended that when you have both of them, you check the abnormalities in each department at the start of each day.

Don't Touch Me only have 4 disguises, and only 3 of them can deceive the player while having other Abnormalities, which are One Sin, Singing Machine and Happy Teddy. The visual effects in its room can also fool the player when having the Abnormalities which can trigger those effects. Always stop to read the name before making a mistake, since in any disguise, Don't Touch Me's name will be the same.

Don't Touch Me could be a bit more useful than other Abnormalities, by simply not doing anything harmful by its own and without even need to take care of it to produce energy.

Encyclopedia Descriptions Edit


Don't Touch Me's encyclopedia portrait

  • "A machine in shape of a box with a tempting big red button. Old scribblings are around it. They read, "Don't push the button.". It is not clear who wrote these scribblings but it is likely to be one of the employees who were working here for a long time ago."
  • "The abnormality is not too hard to manage, but many employees filed their temptation to push the button which is so strong to the point it gives them insomnia. it was taken as an exaggeration at first. however, since the number of employees claiming they are suffering from this temptation was too many, solution to this problem is being worked on now."
  • "One of the most important aspect of defining abnormality is "free will". This abnormality is confirmed to possess an ability and will to make anyone around it want to push the button. Thus, it is categorized as abnormality."
  • "When the button is actually pressed, things that are not supposed to happen, will happen. Disasters sweeping the area, rainbow-colored light shines down and unicorns descend from the sky. The rumor says in the end, the giant bomb underneath the facility that will destroy everything will detonate. There is no way to confirm this rumor."
  • "Also, caution is advised for this abnormality sometimes cunningly change its shape to be mistakenly pushed."
  • "Employee testimony When I snapped back to reality. I was just about to press that damn button. I would have if other employees did not drag me out from the situation. (The employee is back on duty again since she went through various tests and diagnosed as normal. However, we ordered her to take counseling since she seemed to feel a little bit bad for not pressing the button.)"

Flavour Text Edit

  • (You don't want to touch the button, are you?)

Trivia Edit

  • Repeatedly pressing the button will cause a voice to say, in Korean: '만지지마', which means 'Don't Touch Me'. It will repeat the last part several times. Afterwards, the game screen will either turn to white or the logo of Lobotomy Corporation will appear upside down. Your game will then 'crash' either way.
  • Sometimes, Don't Touch will change its own appearance to another creature, which isn't an actual Abnormality in-game.
  • Its list of tasks in the preferences could be seen as a 'Mushroom Cloud', made by atomic bombs.
  • Don't Touch Me reveal through one of its entries that there's a giant bomb underneath the facility. Even if is written that the rumor can't be confirmed, probably isn't denying that there's a bomb under the facility.


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