Control Team: Observes Everything and Makes PlansInformation Team: Manages All Information on AbnormalitiesSafety Team: Plans and Carries Out Safety MeasuresEducation Team: Trains New AgentsCentral Command Team: Connects All Other TeamsWelfare Team: Prevents Disease and Provides Physical and Mental CareDisciplinary Team: Punishes Agents and Suppresses AbnormalitiesRecording Team: Records Everything that Happens in the FacilityExtraction Team: Extracts E.G.Os, Obtains Abnormalities, Manages Resources, Repairs the FacilityFacility9Departments
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"Command and observation department has nothing much to do, right?"
- An employee

Departments are the various sectors that Facility X-394, and presumably other facilities, is and are divided into. At the moment there are nine different departments, each with their unique employees as well as various purposes to make managing the Abnormalities easier.

It is planned that the finished game will have 10 different departments.

A new department is unlocked each 5 days. A new department will allow only 3 agents in the same department, and in the following each days will increase the amount by 1, to a maximum of 5. The only department that doesn't follow this rule is the Central Command Department, which come with the 5 slots for the agents already unlocked from the start and is divided in 2 sections of 5 agents, in a total of 10.

Containment Unit

A containment unit

Each department/team can keep up to 4 containment units/rooms, starting with 1 at the first day is unlocked and increasing 1 per day until is at its maximum capacity. In Challenge Mode, additionally, up to 2 new containment rooms can be added to the departments, 1 per day in a random department, leaving the max cap of containment rooms per department to 6 instead. This only applies to the four main departments.

Agents don't have to exclusive take care of the Abnormalities in their own department, they can also be sent to do works with Abnormalities in other departments and the player can assign and move agents to other departments at the start of each day.

Unlocking a department will unlock its research, its function and a checkpoint. At the moment, Information Team and Safety Team are the only ones with a real function beside research.