Beauty and the Beast White Damage Example

Beauty and the Beast dealing White Damage

Damage Type is the classification of the harm that an Abnormality or Employee's weapon can afflict on employees and other Abnormalities. The damage can be dealt mostly by Abnormalities when failing at work and while breaching.

All types of damage can decrease or deplete one or both Health and Mental gauges against employees. In Abnormalities, however, all the damages will cause it to decrease their Health Bar. Abnormalities have a defined type of damage while in containment and might change when breaching or using their abilities. Employees's damage type depends of their current E.G.O. weapon being used. Defenses can reduce or increase the amount of damage of certain types by a multiplier. In Abnormalities, their defenses are defined and might change with their abilities or forms. In employees, the defenses depend of their E.G.O. suit being being worn.

The damage types are classified in 4 types, identifiable by their colors:

  • RED: Decrease Health Points
  • WHITE: Decrease Mental Points (HP in Abnormalities)
  • BLACK: Decrease Health and Mental Points (HP only in Abnormalities)
  • PALE: Decrease HP by a percentage depending of the Max HP of the target, only for Abnormalities. For employees dealing Pale Damage, it deals a fixed amount.

The damage type of Abnormalities are hidden until the Basic section of their Details is unlocked.


Red Shoes Red Damage

Red Damage containment effect

The RED Damage Type involves Physical Trauma, which will decrease Health Points (HP), decreasing the Health gauge of employees and Health Bar of Abnormalities upon hit. When the Health gauge of an employee is depleted, they will die. When the Health Bar of an Abnormality is depleted, it will be defeated and returned back to its containment room.

The Abnormalities that deal Red Damage (Only in containment) are: Big and Might be Bad Wolf, Crumbling Armor, Fairy Festival, Fiery Bird, Forsaken Murderer, Little Helper, Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary, Nameless Fetus, Nothing There, Opened Can of Wellcheers, Queen Bee, Red Shoes, Schadenfreude, Scorched Girl, The King of Greed and The Naked Nest.


Happy Teddy White Damage

White Damage containment effect

WHITE Damage Type involves Psychological Trauma or Effects, which will decrease Mental Points (MP), decreasing the Mental gauge of the employees. In Abnormalities, their Health Bar is decreased instead. When using White Damage on panicked employees, it will recover their Mental gauge instead and once is full, the employee will turn back to normal. This only works when employees suppress a panicked employee, not by Abnormalities.

The Abnormalities that deal White Damage (Only in containment) are: 1.76 MHz, Alriune, Beauty and the Beast, Bloodbath, Blue Star, Dimensional Refraction Variant, Dream of a Black Swan, Funeral of the Dead Butterflies, Happy Teddy Bear, Meat Lantern, Old Lady, One Sin and Hundreds of Good Deeds, Plague Doctor, Rudolta, Scarecrow Searching for Wisdom, Singing Machine, The Dreaming Current, The Knight of Despair, The Silent Orchestra, The Snow Queen, Wall Gazer, Warm-Hearted Woodsman and Grave of Cherry Blossoms.


Fragment of the Universe Black Damage

Black Damage containment effect

BLACK Damage Type will decrease both Health and Mental Points. This damage is a fixed amount dealt to both gauges against employees and only the defenses against Black Damage will work, Red and White Damage defenses will not work individually. Against Abnormalities, this damage will decrease their Health Bar. Employees suppressing a panicked employee with Black Damage will recover their Mental gauge but still deal damage to their Health gauge.

The Abnormalities that deal Black Damage (Only in containment) are: Big Bird, CENSORED, Der Freischütz, Fragment of the Universe, Laetitia, Porccubus, Snow White's Apple, The Burrowing Heaven, The Child of Galaxy, The Little Prince, Shy Look Today, The Mountain of Smiling Bodies, The Queen of Hatred, Void Dream, Yin and You're Bald.


Judgement Bird Pale Damage

Pale Damage containment effect

PALE Damage Type involves Instant Death, which decreases the HP gauge of the target except that it will subtract a percentage of their Max HP with each attack. Unlike the other fixed amounts of damage, this type uses a percentage when is dealt by Abnormalities and Ordeals. It works as a fixed amount instead when dealt by E.G.O. weapons.

Currently, the only Abnormalities which can deal this type of damage (In containment) are Judgement Bird and WhiteNight.

Trivia Edit

  • Don't Touch Me is the only non-tool Abnormality so far that can't deal any type of damage since it can't be interacted with.
  • Flesh Idol is the only one so far that can deal all types of damage. Apocalypse Bird's Weapon, Twilight, and The Queen of Hatred's Weapon, In the Name of Love and Hate, are the only weapons that can deal all the types of damage.
  • Each of the damage types is the same color of one of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse.
    • WHITE for the white horse of Conquest.
    • RED for the red horse of War.
    • BLACK for the black horse of Famine.
    • PALE for the pale horse of Death.

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