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"Control Team (Legacy)" is using information from the Legacy version of the game (v0.0.2.2b). The information here is from an older version of the game before the most recent gameplay changes.

"This department monitors employees and Abnormalities, gives out instructions about management of Abnormalities , and draws up plans. It gives orders through CCTVs monitoring all of the containment room and leads the managements. As they are very proud and arrogant they don't get along with other departments."
- Description
The Control Team Department is the first unlocked department that the player starts with. It contains 5 rooms, 2 elevators and several hallways. The maximum amount of containment units that this department can have is 4 in the normal mode and 6 in Challenge Mode. This department is above the Information Team Department.

The main room is the biggest one in the upper side of the department. Employees will wait there for instructions of the player and to heal any wounds.

The agents in this department will wear black suits with the red color logo of the corporation on their shoulders. The clerks will wear red suits with yellow ties. The team's main color is yellow.

Researches Edit

Melee Weapon Upgrade comes at level 1 from the start.

Command Management (1 Stage - Cost: 4 LOB Points)

"Reorganize the monitoring system. You will be able to manage 1,5x and 2x speed."

Recovery Enhancement (3 Stages - Cost: 6/10/16 LOB Points)

"It restores the health and mental strength of the standby employee more efficiently. As the research progresses, the employee physical strength and mental strength are restored more quickly.""

Melee Weapon Upgrade (3 Stages - Cost: 8/12/16 LOB Points)

"Proceed with research on melee weapons. Level(2/3/4) melee weapons can be equipped to employees. The performance of melee weapons improved. [Performance Strengthened in Step 1, 3 reserach] The melee weapon's attack and stun power is increased. [Performance Strengthened in Step 2, 4 reserach] The melee weapon's attack speed is increased."

Pistol Upgrade (4 Stages - Cost: 6/8/12/16 LOB Points)

"Proceed with research on pistol weapons. Level(1/2/3/4) pistol weapons can be equipped to employees. The performance of pistol weapons improved. [Performance Strengthened in Step 1, 3, 5 reserach] Pistol weapon's attack and stun power is increased. [Performance Strengthened in Step 2, 4 reserach] The pistol weapon's shot count and attack speed increase. The reload speed of the pistol weapon is reduced."

Trivia Edit

  • In different monitors of several rooms, these may contain a picture included in the teaser trailer of the game: the shadow of an employee in a destroyed elevator, with several Abnormalities around it, in a green background.
  • In the background of the main department room, there's a ilustration of the Sephirot Tree or Tree of Life, a classic term for the central mystical symbol used in the Kabbalah of esoteric Judaism.

Gallery Edit

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