"The control team monitors employees and Phantasmas and plans all activities concerning harvesting Endophalin. They respond to emergency using the CCTV's installed throughout the facility. They are often unfriendly to other teams."
- Description
The Control Team Department is the first unlocked department that the player starts with. It contains a Main Room, 4 minor rooms, 2 elevators and 6 hallways. The maximum amount of containment units that this department can have is 4. This department is above and connected to the Information Team Department. Malkuth is the Sephirah of this department.

The main room is the biggest one in the upper side of the department. Employees will start and wait there for instructions of the player and to heal any wounds.

The agents will wear red shoulder bands with the 'M' letter on them. The clerks will wear red suits with yellow ties. The team's main color is yellow.

The missions of this department are the most easiest of the game, with the researches giving basic functions for the game.

Missions Edit

Mission 1: "You Can Do This!"

Description: "Field jobs are needed for a smooth daily operation. You must monitor employees and assign them jobs."

Goal: "Complete 2 field jobs."

The player has to perform a work two times on Abnormalities. This should go without problem.

Mission 2: "Semper Fi"

Description: "The result is just as important as the work itself! We can get more Endophalin from happier Abnormalities! Make Abnormalities feel good and get energy. This should be all you think about!"

Goal: "Complete 4 field jobs with a Good or better result."

The player has to complete 4 works that get a good (green face) result. The player may want to do works that have a high chance of success for the Abnormality for higher chances of good results.

Mission 3: "Suppress Berserking"

Description: "As you may know, this facility isn't that stable. We were only able to contain Abnormalities in Containment Units because we released their suppressed power before the job began. However, suppression is becoming more unstable as time goes by and some Abmormalities are starting to go berserk."

Goal: "Complete a Qliphoth Meltdown containment unit job 8 times"

The player will likely have to work some time after they get sufficient energy to be able to work on Containment Units with Qliphoth Meltdown 8 times.

Mission 4: "At Dusk"

Description: "As the suppression power of the facility becomes weaker and more Abnormalities become agitated, Abnormalities called Trials that could not be put to hold will go to rampage. Like now.. Can you suppress one of Trials that show up at Dusk and reassure the employees? I will go help you soon."

Goal: "Complete Ordeal of Dusk"

The Ordeal of Dusk only appears from Day 21 on, so this mission will likely be completed much later than the ones before.

Researches Edit

The Control Team has basic researches that allow better management, especially later on. It possess 3 Researches:

TT2 Protocol: Unlock the 1.5x and 2x speed adjustment.

"You can speed up your management by twice using TT2 Acceleration Protocol."

Joint Command: Allow agents to work in other departments where they aren't initially assigned.

"Joint Command enables to give cross-divisional work order between departments."

Summon Call: Unlocks a button for each department that when pressed, orders all agents in that department to return to the main room.

"Provide beepers to employees to have them return to their departments."

Trivia Edit

  • In different monitors of several rooms, these may contain a picture from the teaser trailer of the game: the shadow of an employee in a destroyed elevator, with several Abnormalities around it, in a green background.
  • In the background of the main department room, there's a illustration of the Sephirot Tree or Tree of Life, a classic term for the central mystical symbol used in the Kabbalah of esoteric Judaism.

Gallery Edit

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