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"Central Command Team (Legacy)" is using information from the Legacy version of the game (v0.0.2.2b). The information here is from an older version of the game before the most recent gameplay changes.

"Central Command represents the middle level of the Lobotomy facility. The upper and lower part of The Central Command take role of foundation stone, which allows the facility to expand upward and downard. They also work as bridges that lead to upper and lower levels."
- Central Command Team 1 Description

"Mutually complementing with Team 1, Team 2 controls all departments and researches various managing method. Employees in Team 2 are quite proud of their esthetic sense. They spend most of the time in the morning contemplating what to wear. They have subtle struggle with the command team over commandership."
- Central Command Team 2 Description
The Central Command Team Department is the fifth department that the player will unlock, at day 21 and also getting a checkpoint. This department is below the Information Team Department, connected through an elevator. This department is slightly different of the others because it come as 2 sections, upper (Team 1) and lower (Team 2), merged into one department and starting with Team 1. It comes with 8 containment units, 4 per each team, 2 hallways per team and different elevators. Unlike other departments, the player will get 2 Abnormalities per day and will unlock Team 2 at day 23 and the 5 slots to assign employees are available from the start, once the respective teams are unlocked. Before the second section is unlocked, it will be inaccessible and covered by a yellow mist.

Employees will wear different outfits depending of their job and team. For Team 1, Agents will wear black suits with yellow borders and white shirts, black pants and the logo on their shoulder; and Clerks will wear yellow suits with black borders and white shirts, and yellow pants. For Team 2, Agents will wear black jackets with yellow borders, yellow short ties and with a white shirt, black pants and the logo on their shoulder; and Clerks will wear yellow jackets with black ties, white shirts and yellow pants. The team's main color is yellow.

Researches Edit

At the moment, this department doesn't have any researches available.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first department which came as two merged teams into one department and the one at the moment with most containment rooms.

Gallery Edit

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