"If your containment room holds a Abnormality of this level, pay full attention to stop it from escaping. It is the most dangerous Abnormality ever and is capable of destroying the entire facility. This warning is not exaggerated."

-- Encyclopedia
ALEPH Abnormalities are extremely dangerous when they trigger their abilities, able to cause a 'Game Over' if they aren't suppressed. This type of Abnormality only appears late in the game.

ALEPH Abnormality List:

Name Subject Number Attack Type E-Boxes Qliphoth Counter
Apocalypse Bird
O-02-63(-A) BLACK

(1 - 3)

12 X
Blue Star
O-03-93(-A) WHITE

(6 - 9)

33 2
O-03-89(-A) BLACK

(5 - 10)

32 2
Nothing There
O-06-20(-A) RED

(6 - 9)

33 1
The Mountain of Smiling Bodies
T-01-75(-A) BLACK

(6 - 8)

33 2
The Silent Orchestra Encyclopedia
The Silent Orchestra
T-01-31(-A) WHITE

(7 - 9)

30 2
T-03-46(-A) PALE

(7 - 8)

35 3
Name Subject Number Attack Type E-Boxes Qliphoth Counter

WhiteNight has a great potential to create a 'Game Over' when escaping, transforming blessed employees into Apostles and it stays in that form for the rest of the game.

Apocalypse Bird will appear once the three birds are breaching at the same time.

Nothing There can be subdued but is extremely difficult to do when it reaches its last form.

The Silent Orchestra will increase its damage dealt overtime while breaching and change its immunity constantly. That being said, it still is somewhat difficult to manage.

The Mountain of Smiling Bodies can be suppressed except that gain more attack power and health when walking over corpses, consuming them.

CENSORED instantly panics every employee below level 5 and can create minions by consuming employees in a breach, as well healing with their corpses.